248 buah software aplikasi(application software)yang berguna bagi bisnis

NO    Nama                          Kegunaan

1       Plant Simulation    aplikasi bisnis

2       Platypux    debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

3       Plex Systems – Plex Online    enterprise (EAS)

4       Plotly – Plotting library, Python command line, and graphical interface for analyzing   data and creating browser-based graphs. Available for R, Python, MATLAB, Julia, and Perl.  numerial software

5       POCO C++ Libraries Threading    pembahasaan program

6       Pop Tray      memeriksa email

7       Portable Flight Planning Software      aplikasi bisnis

8       Poseidon Linux debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

9       POSIX Threads  pembahasaan program

10       Posterous           aplikasi sosial

11       PostgreSQL         mengolah data

12       PottersWheel – Parameter estimation in ordinary differential equations (Free Matlab toolbox for academic use).                Proprietary software

13       PottersWheel – Parameter estimation in ordinary differential equations (Matlab toolbox, free for academic use).                Proprietary software

14       Power Director mengolah video

15       Power Sound Editor    mengolah audio

16       Powerflasher FDT      membuat dokumen

17       Premiere Pro     Adobe Creative Suite (CS)

18       Presenter            technical communicators, help authors, instructional designers, and eLearning and training design professionals

19       Prevas Industrial Linux   debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

20       Priority Matrix   aplikasi bisnis

21       Pro Evolution Soccer     permainan bola

22       Procomm Plus   untuk berkomunikasi

23       proDAD      membuat animasi

24       ProDOS

25       product lifecycle management  aplikasi bisnis

26       ProfitKey International – ProfitKey, Rapid Response Manufacturing        enterprise (EAS)

27       Pronto Software –   enterprise (EAS)

28       Proprietary[edit]    software konversi

29       Protovis        aplikasi chatting

30       PS2 Linux         debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

31       pSeven — software platform for automation of engineering simulation and analysis, multidisciplinary optimization and data mining, developed by DATADVANCE.  Proprietary software

32       PTAM, non-commercial use only.[11][12][13]     augmented reality software

33       PTE Patch          mengupdate game PES

34       PTK Forensics    computer forensics

35       PTS-DOS (since 1991), a disk operating system, a DOS clone, developed in Russia by PhysTechSoft            sistem operasi komputer

36       PTypes (C++ Portable Types Library)[5][6]            pembahasaan program

37       PUD     debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

38       Puppy Linux       debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

39       Purchase order—where the company orders inventory                aplikasi akuntansi

40       Purchase requisition—where requests for purchase orders are made, approved and tracked     aplikasi akuntansi

41       Putfile   aplikasi sosial

42       PWB/UNIX          sistem operasi prototypic

43       Python aplikasi chatting

44       Python with well-known scientific computing packages: NumPy, SymPy and SciPy.           lenguage setting

45       QAD Inc – QAD Enterprise Applications (formerly MFG/Pro)        enterprise (EAS)

46       Qflash   membuat dokumen

47       Qihoo 360         antivirus

48       Qimo 4 Kids     debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

49       QIP    aktifitas chatting

50       QNX (POSIX, microkernel OS; usually a real time embedded OS)                bull SAS

51       Qt QThread        pembahasaan program

52       Quattro Pro    mengolah angka

53       Quick Heal       antivirus

54       QuickTime Alternative   video codec

55       Quintiq enterprise (EAS)

56       Quod Libet          memutar audio

57       Quora   aplikasi sosial

58       R is a widely used system with a focus on data manipulation and statistics which implements the S language. Many add-on packages are available (free software, GNU GPL license).

59       radare2         mengedit HEX

60       Rainlendar Lite  dekstop calender

61       Ramco Systems – Ramco Enterprise Series 4.x, e.Applications, On Demand ERP enterprise (EAS)

62       rdiff-backup       software konversi

63       Rdio       memutar audio

64       RDOS, a real-time operating system released in 1972 for the popular Data General Nova and Eclipse minicomputers            sistem operasi komputer

65       readyLIMS from Analytik Jena    sistem manajemen laboratorium (LMS)

66       Real Alternative      video codec

67       Real Player          menonton TV streaming

68       REAL/32, a real-time successor of Multiuser DOS by Intelligent Micro Software   sistem operasi komputer

69       Reconciliation—compares records from parties at both sides of transactions for consistency       aplikasi akuntansi

70       Recycle Bin         tempat folder yang sudah dihapus namun belum permanen

71       refbase          aplikasi sosial

72       Register Lite       Registry editor

73       Registry Recon  computer forensics

74       Remote Dekstop Connection     pengakses koneksi dengan komputer ketika sedang dimanapun

75       ReNamer        file renaming

76       Reports—where the company prints out data    aplikasi akuntansi

77       resourceHacker         view, modify, rename, add, delate file

78       Retrospect        software konversi

79       Rhapsody         memutar audio

80       Rhapsody

81       Rhapsody (an early form of Mac OS X)   bull SAS

82       Rhythmbox        memutar audio

83       RISC iX

84       RISC iX – derived from BSD 4.3, by Acorn computers, for their ARM family of machines   bull SAS

85       RISC OS

86       RISC/os (a port by MIPS of 4.3BSD to the RISC MIPS architecture)             bull SAS

87       Rlab is another free software computer program which bears a strong resemblance to MATLAB. Rlab development ceased for several years but it was revived as RlabPlus. numerial software

88       RMX      bull SAS

89       RoboHelp            technical communicators, help authors, instructional designers, and eLearning and training design professionals

90       Rogue Wave SourcePro Threads Module              pembahasaan program

91       ROM-DOS, a MS-DOS clone by Datalight                sistem operasi komputer

92       Roxio Creator (Windows)             mengedit video

93       rPath     debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

94       Sabily    debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

95       SafeBack       computer forensics

96       Sage Group – PFW ERP, Pro ERP, 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200), 300 ERP (formerly Accpac), 500 ERP, ERP X3  enterprise (EAS)

97       Sales order—where the company records customer orders for the supply of inventory aplikasi akuntansi

98       Salix OS         debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

99       SampleManager from Thermo Fisher Scientific  sistem manajemen laboratorium (LMS)

100       SampleTrack from Bruker Corporation   sistem manajemen laboratorium (LMS)

101       SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit – SIFT          computer forensics

102       Santandar       antivirus

1103       SAP – mySAP, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, SAP Business Suite   enterprise (EAS)

104       SAP BusinessObjects Lumira       aplikasi bisnis

105       SAPHIRE         aplikasi bisnis

106       SAS        menganalisis statistik

107       SAS, a system of software products for statistics               lenguage setting

108       Scala, Vision from Commodore itself       membuat animasi

109       ScaLAPACK is a library of high-performance linear algebra routines for parallel distributed memory machines that features functionality similar to LAPACK (solvers for dense and banded linear systems, least squares problems, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problem). numerial software

110       Scaleform GFx   playback

111       Scilab is advanced numerical analysis package similar to MATLAB or Octave. Comes with a complete GUI and Xcos which is alternative to Simulink. (free software, GPL-compatible CeCILL license)                numerial software

112       SCIP – Free only for research purpose as a member of a non-commercial and academic institution.          Proprietary software

113       SCO UNIX (from SCO, bought by Caldera who renamed themselves SCO Group)               bull SAS

114       SCOPE (Supervisory Control Of Program Execution)         bull SAS

115       Scribus  professional page layout

116       SeaMonkey        mengirim dan menerima Email

117       Second Life         aplikasi sosial

118       Sentry Firewall  debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

119       Serif MoviePlus (Windows)         mengedit video

120       Service Pack 1    Microsoft started development

121       Sescoi – MyWorkPLAN, WorkPLAN Enterprise    enterprise (EAS)

122       SGO Mistika (Linux)      mengedit video

123       ShadowProtect software konversi

124       Shotcut (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows)             mengedit video

125       Show Biz DVD    mengolah video

126       Shumway            playback

127       Simple File Shedder        menghapus file

128       simpleLinux        debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

129       SINIX (a port by SNI of Unix to the RISC MIPS architecture)          bull SAS

130       SIPROS (for Simultaneous Processing Operating System)              bull SAS

131       Skype    untuk berkomunikasi

132       Slackintosh         debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

133       Slamd64               debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

134       Slax        debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

135       SliTaz     debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

136       SM Player            memutar video dan audio

137       Smadav                antivirus

138       Smallfoot             debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

139      MACE (Mansfield and Cahlander Executive)        bull SAS

140        macOS (formerly Mac OS X and OS X)

141       macOS Server (formerly Mac OS X Server and OS X Server)

142      Macromedia Dreamweaver        pembuatan website

143        Macromedia Flash           membuat slide show untuk presentasi

144      Macromedia Freehand  pembuatan gambar

145      Madagascar, an open-source software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments.     lenguage setting

146        Maemo                debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

147        Magic Phot Clinic              mengolah gambar

148        Magix Movie Edit Pro (Windows)              mengedit video

149     Magix Vegas Pro (Windows) – previously Sony Vegas Pro        mengedit video

150         Magnet AXIOM        computer forensics

151        magnussoft ZETA (based on BeOS r5.1d0 source code, developed by yellowTAB)

152        MailBird           mengirim dan menerima Email

153      Majordomo        mailing list software

154      Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)       Microsoft started development

155      Mangan, open source (Mango License) augmented reality framework based on Nano localisation for Android.[18]                augmented reality software

156       Maple (software) – Linear, quadratic, and nonlinear, continuous and integer optimization. Constrained and unconstrained. Global optimization with add-on toolbox.             Proprietary software

157        Mathematica – large-scale multivariate constrained and unconstrained, linear and nonlinear, continuous and integer optimization.      Proprietary software

158       MATLAB – Linear, integer, quadratic, and nonlinear problems with Optimization Toolbox; multiple maxima, multiple minima, and non-smooth optimization problems; estimation and optimization of model parameters.      Proprietary software

159       MATLAB is a widely used proprietary software for performing numerical calculations. It comes with its own programming language, in which numerical algorithms can be implemented.       numerial software

160        MattockFS          computer forensics

161        MAX      debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

162         Maxthon             menjelajah internet

163        McAfee           antivirus

164        Zotero   aplikasi sosial

165        MCC Interim Linux           debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

166        MDOS/MIDAS (created 1979), refers to an operating system that was designed by Marc McDonald of Microsoft in 1979. It was designed for the 8080/Z80 microprocessors, popular due to CP/M at the time            sistem operasi komputer

167       Media 100 Suite (OS X)  mengedit video

168       Media player Classic       pemutar musik atau video

169        MediaCoder       software konversi

170        MediaMonket   pengaturan musik

171      MediaMonkey  software konversi

172       MediaMonkey Gold       memutar audio

173       MediaMonkey Lifetime             memutar audio

174      MediaMonkey Standard               memutar audio

175       MedinTux is a French medical practice management system, with a web interface as well as a desktop one, that has been initially to manage a hospital emergency department. Being very modular, it has been extended to run also many different smaller practices.          aplikasi medik

176     MeikOS          bull SAS

177      Memopal           software konversi

178       Mendeley        aplikasi sosial

179        Metacafe         aplikasi sosial

180       MetaField Lab from Agile Frameworks   sistem manajemen laboratorium (LMS)

181       MetaQuotes Software corp. – TeamWox              enterprise (EAS)

182       Microsoft            antivirus

183       Microsoft – Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon), NAV-X enterprise (EAS)

184       Microsoft Access            mengolah data

185      Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer      mengidentifikasi kesalahan konfigurasi keamanan

186       Microsoft Excel membuat tabel data

187        Microsoft Excel – Built-in charting function for basic chart types aplikasi chatting

188        Microsoft Front page     pembuatan website

189        Microsoft Lync Server    aplikasi sosial

190       Microsoft Outlook           pengaturan jadwal

191      Microsoft Power Point  membuat slide show untuk presentasi

192        Microsoft Security Essensial        antivirus

193        Microsoft SQL    mengolah data

194         Microsoft Video               menghubungkan komputer dengan peralatan multimedia

195         Microsoft Web Publishing            pengiriman data website ke internet

196         Microsoft Word                menulis atau mengetik

197        MIDACO Global optimization software based on evolutionary computing, MINLP, parallelization, large-scale ( Matlab, Python, C/C++, Fortran, Java, C#, R, Java, VBA, Excel ).  Proprietary software

198        MIDACO Global optimization software based on evolutionary computing, MINLP, parallelization, large-scale ( Matlab, Python, C/C++, Fortran, Java, C#, R, Java, VBA, Excel ).  Proprietary software

199        Millennium from Nova Design    membuat animasi

200         Ming      Libraries

201         MINI-UNIX         sistem operasi prototypic

202       MINTO – integer programming solver using branch and bound algorithm. Freeware for personal use.     Proprietary software

203       Miranda               aktifitas chatting

204         mIRC     aktifitas chatting

205        Mirth is an open source cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports.       aplikasi medik

206         MITK – Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit for interactive medical image processing.      aplikasi medik

207         MIVO TV          menonton TV streaming

208        mixare (mix Augmented Reality Engine), open-source (GPLv3) augmented reality engine for Android and iPhone; works as an autonomous application and for developing other implementations.[9][10]                augmented reality software

209       MkLinux         debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

210         mlmmj  mailing list software

211         MLPACK is an open-source library for machine learning, providing a simple and consistent API, while exploiting C++ language features to provide maximum performance and flexibility        lenguage setting

212      Mobilinux      debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

213        modeFRONTIER – modeFRONTIER® is an integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. It provides a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process, and facilitates analytic decision making.         Proprietary software

214      ModelCenter – a graphical environment for integration, automation, and design optimization.   Proprietary software

215    Molinux       debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

216       Monkey’s Audio     APE compresor

217      Montage Extreme (Windows)    mengedit video

218     MontaVista Linux             debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

219         Moove aplikasi sosial

220        Zone Alarm     firewal

221        MOSEK — free for academic use.         Proprietary software

222       MOSEK – linear, quadratic, conic and convex nonlinear, continuous and integer optimization.     Proprietary software

223        Moz BackUp       back up and restore bookmark

224         Mozila Firefox   menjelajah internet

225       Mozy     software konversi

226        mp Trim       mengedit mp3

227        Mp3 Tag Editor  mengedit tag audio

228         MP3directcut     mengolah audio

229         Mp3tag          mengedit tag audio

230         MPEG Video Wizard DVD (Windows)      mengedit video

231         MPXPLAY            memutar audio

232         MS-DOS (since 1981), a Microsoft operating system based on 86-DOS for x86-based personal computers        sistem operasi komputer

233        MSN Messenger        aktifitas chatting

234        MSX-DOS, a Disk operating system developed by Microsoft for the 8-bit home computer standard MSX, and is a cross between MS-DOS rev 1.0 and CP/M            sistem operasi komputer

235       MTASC membuat dokumen

236       MuLinux      debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)

237         Multiuser DOS (aka MDOS), a PC DOS and CP/M-86 compatible multiuser multitasking operating system based on Concurrent DOS by Digital Research        sistem operasi komputer

238         Muse    Adobe Creative Suite (CS)

239        Music Editor Free          mengolah audio

240         Music on Console          memutar audio

241         Music Player Daemon    memutar audio

242         MusicBee            memutar audio

243         musikCube         memutar audio

244         muvee Reveal (Windows, OS X)          mengedit video

245         MV2Player          memutar video

246         MYOB   mengolah angka akuntansi

247         MySQL  mengolah data

248         Mythbuntu         debian (menekankan perangkat lunak bebas)


Dosen Pengampu : D.J Anderson Butar butar,S.E.,S.Kom.,M.M.

sumber :







Menganalisa Komputer (branded), Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya, serta bagian mana saja hardwarenya bisa di update atau di tingkatkan kemampuannya”



pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membahas CPU acer aspire predatorg3620

CPU ACER Aspire Predator G3620 ini cukup bagus dan dapat kita handalkan saat bekerja maupun bermain sebuah games online. Dengan system operasi Windows 8 dan graphics NVIDIA GeForce + AMD Radeon Microsoft DirectX-11 tentunya pengoperasiannya sangat optimal, apalagi telah memakai tenaga processor dengan 3 pilihan yakni Intel Core i33240/Core i5-3330/Core i7-3770 dan berkecepatan 1600MHz akan lebih memaksimalkan perjalanan pengoperasiannya. Dengan memiliki teknologi processor, system operasi dan juga graphics yang seperti ini bisa membuat aman, nyaman serta menyenangkan para penggunanya

Acer Aspire Predator G3620 - Prijzen en Specificaties, Acer Aspire Predator G3620 - YouTube, Acer Predator AG3620-UR21P Review & Rating | PCMag.comHasil gambar untuk gambar acer aspire predator g3620

ini dia spesifikasi dari Acer Aspire Predator G3620:


Produk Garansi : Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

Platform : Komputer PC Al-In-On

Model Produk : Acer Aspire Predator G3620

Brand / Vendor : Acer

Series : Aspire Predator

Warna : Hitam

Tipe Processor : Intel Core i33240/Core i5-3330/Core i7-3770

Kecepatan Processor : 1600 MHz

Chipset : –

Memory Standar : 4 GB DDR3 1333

Memory Max : 16 GB

Hard Drive : 2TB Serial ATA 7400 RPM

Tipe Layar : LED Backlit Full HD

Ukuran Layar : 23” inch

Resolusi Layar : 1920 x 1080 pixels

System Operasi : Windows 8

Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce + AMD Radeon Microsoft DirectX-11

Optical Drive : SuperMulti-SuperMulti Burner, BD Reader, BD Burner

Webcame : 1.3 MP

Bluetooth : Ya

Video Memory : 2 GB

I/O Port : VGA, PCI-Express x1, PCI-Express x16

Jaringan : Integrated

Wireless LAN : IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

Kecepatan Wireless : 10/100/1000 Mbps

Card Reader : 6-in-1

Ukuran Dimensi : –

Berat / Bobot : –

Power Supply : –

Fitur Lainnya : HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

SKU : –


Ga repot soal dalam hardware

Belinya gampang dan mudah di temukan di indonesia

Sudah dilengkapi dengan OS original, misalnya windows 7 atau 8.1.

Klaim garansi cukup ke 1 tempat di indonesia

Hemat daya dan lebih stabil pada saat menggunakan acer predator

Komputer sudah di tes oleh pabrikan, sehingga kualitas terjamin dan tahan lama dan sangat optimal

dan berkecepatan 1600MHz


Harga lebih mahal

Garansi untuk 1 set komputer, tidak perhardware

Garansi hilang kalau upgrade sendiri

Ga bebas pilih spek tidak sesuai kebutuhan yang di inginkan

Jejeran Acer Predator terbaru telah resmi hadir di Indonesia. Produk Harga dari komputer desktop Acer Predator G6 adalah Rp 34.999.000.sehingga bisa dibilang harga yang kurang terjangkau di kalang menengah kebawah..


Bagaiman teman-teman? Apa kalian tertarik untuk membeli acer predator untuk games online…


Sekian artikel mengenai acer predator semoga bermanfaat…Wassalammualaikum ..


Sumber: http://www.rajacomputerku.com/2015/10/harga-acer-aspire-predator-g3620.html


Dosen Pengampu: http://djandersonbutarbutar.wordpress.com/